1. Click on REGISTRATION to take you to the Sportsengine website.

  2. Read the introduction, go to the bottom of the Welcome Page and  Click on “Sign Up”. This will take you to the first sportsengine screen.

  3. Parents or Guardians, enter your information on first screen.  Create a username and password(Write it down and do not forget it.)  At the bottom of the page, click on “Create Account” . You will be sent an email confirmation.

  4. Go to your email and follow directions to complete your registration.

  5. Next, complete the informational forms for you and your daughter, enter her team, apparel sizing, order extra apparel, pick your payment option to pay the remaining balance, and print out the receipt.  If you have already paid in full with a credit card at the Parent Meeting, choose Check/Cash Payments, not Credit Card Payments.

Verify that you have Registered or to reenter Sportsengine Website

  1. Go to or follow steps 1-3 above to go to the Sportsengine “Welcome” page.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and log on to your account with your username or email. Enter your password

  3. If registration was successful, you will see all your information.

  4. If you see the dashboard only:

    Go to a new tab or window on your computer

    Repeat steps 1-5 above. If it still does not work  Call Norm at 626 272 4831 for Help