Team  v. Team   Ref      ~Time
1             3         2            8am
2             4         1            9am
1             4         3            10am
2             3         1            11am
3             4         2            Noon
1             2         4            1pm

In each pool there are 4 teams seed 1-4.  You schedule for that particular tournament will depend on your seed in the pool.  Pools, seeding and playing site can be found at the SCVAVOLLEYBALL.ORG.(click to take you to site)

Players should plan to arrive 45 minutes-60 minutes before the team’s first game(Your Coach will tell you when to arrive). Pack your uniform, shoes, water bottles, food, snacks etc the night before.  Arrive on-time and ready to play.

8am is the first game but the other times are approximate.  Matches are best 2 out of 3 sets to 25 win by 2. If a 3rd set is necessary, it goes to 15 win by 2.