All players need all players to register online for the SCVA.   THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM THE SPORTNGIN REGISTRATION.  DO NOT PAY THE REGISTRATION FEE.  Club Green will pay that fee.

1.  Go to

2.  Click the Register button on the left

3.  Select Parent Portal and register to obtain a user name and password. 

4.  Type in the SEARCH box Club Green Volleyball

5.  Log in (if first time user, register first)

Once logged in follow these steps

Player Registration 

1.       Click on the blue “Players” button at the top of the page.

2.       Click on “Add Parent/Player.”

3.       The first page is regarding the parent of the player.

4.       Complete the required fields for the parent.

5.       When creating a password for the parent, either use your club name, or the beginning of their email address.

6.       Click on “SAVE”.

7.       The next page is regarding the junior players information.

8.       Complete the required fields regarding the player.

9.       Click on “SAVE”.

10.   Once you have returned to the player list, click on “View” on the individual’s file.


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